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Thursday 7th April 2022 - 2pm BST

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Roundtable Synopsis

The retail industry is experiencing enormous digital transformation. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the ongoing shift to ecommerce, and organisations need to change with it to stay ahead of the curve.

Online payments are pivotal within this transformation. As proved in recent years, the right payment plan is remarkably resilient to change and can reduce operational costs at a time when profit margins are often razor thin.

New payment models, like open banking, are emerging. Future payment infrastructure is continuing to be shaped. And there are still several key challenges to overcome. 

Join this interactive workshop where we will examine how your organisation can stay ahead of the competition with your online payment plan, how to maximise payment acceptance, and the transformational value of real-time settlements.

You will learn:

  • How to increase payment acceptance and reduce payment failures
  • How to build better payment experiences using open banking
  • How to reduce payment fees, operational costs and fraud
  • The legal and regulatory frameworks behind emerging payment methods
  • What the future of ecommerce payments look like
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Speaker - Roger De'Ath, UK Country Manager, Truelayer

Roger De'ath is the UK Country Manager at TrueLayer, a global open banking platform that makes it easy to build better payment experiences. An expert in ecommerce and payments, Roger has previously worked in strategic roles at GoCardless, Duda and Google.

Speaker - Yatin Vadhia, Product Leader, Truelayer

Yatin is an experienced Product Leader in a multitude of environments, primarily in the e-commerce, travel and FinTech domains. At TrueLayer, he focuses on the overall product experience for both customers and merchants, and has also previously worked at and Expedia.

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